Tatt2u is a unique concept. A tattoo is a unique signature that someone wears and bears with pride. Similarly, Tatt2u gives you the chance to wear a watch in a new way by customizing it to your taste. The tattoo is like a second skin that is an extension of the owner’s style. But unlike a true tattoo, if you feel like changing your Tatt2u design it can be easily switched to a new design.

A tattoo could be considered as a sign of strength or a form of protection. Tatt2u innovatively protects the watch with a scratch resistant film that doubles as a tattoo landscape which makes your watch a unique piece. It is a way to exteriorize your style in a another form “with no needles involved.


This idea was born from a desire to exemplify the beauty of tattoos, to create a unique community of tattoo fans, and to share and display their unique creations. This first collection will be followed by many more unique creations and limited series featuring new personalized themes and tattoo designs from the community.

The creators of Tatt2u are passionate about graphics, contemporary art and strong symbols. Flourishing in the world of creative design and new technologies, they have joined forces to launch a unique brand incorporating and learning from modern trends just as tattoo enthusiasts search for signature designs and inspiration.